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Winterize Your Irrigation System

Freezing temperatures can destroy unprotected irrigation lines. Take action now, before the temperatures drop. Winterize your system and cut the chances of breaks and leaks. Broken lines cost money and pose a hazard, with leaking water freezing over sidewalks and streets.

Choate USA provides a winterizing service, and if Mother Nature strikes even harder than expected, we also offer emergency and after-hours repairs.

  • Of course, for the do-it-yourselfer outthere, follow these easy steps to get your system ready for winter:
  • Locate the Double Check or shut off valve.
    If you have a Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB) you will need to shut off the Shut off valve and the PVB.

    Note: All systems installed since 2008 have a shut off valve approximately 2 feet from the water meter on in a 6" green valve box.

  • Turn the water off.
    This is done at the Backflow Prevention Device / Double Check or Shut off valve for your irrigation system.

  • Open the Petcocks.

  • Manually open all of the valves in the system.
    This is done to release water pressure in the system.

  • Turn your controller off.
    (See the owner's manual: Hunter Pro-C Hunter ET System )

  • Drain or blow out the water of any irrigation components that may freeze.
    PVB’s are especially prone to freezing. Failure to properly winterize them will often result in damage. Placing heat tape, a hot box, or a hot box rock on the PVB will also help but cannot guarantee that freezing will be prevented.

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